Harrer, Gottlob

born 1703-05-08 (Görlitz, Germany)
died 1755-07-09 (Leipzig, Germany)
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Harrer attended school in Görlitz. After his father’s death in 1716, the family moved to Dresden in 1719. From 1722, Harrer studied medicine at the University of Leipzig, but soon turned to music. Around 1730, Harrer became a member of the Electoral Saxon and Royal Polish Chapel. Since 1733 he worked in the chapel of Imperial Count Heinrich von Brühl. From 1738 to 1741 he traveled to Italy. After his return, he was appointed bandmaster by Count Brühl. With Brühl’s help, Harrer was appointed as his successor as St. Thomas Cantor in Leipzig after Johann Sebastian Bach’s death in 1750.


  • Ulrike Kollmar (2006). Gottlob Harrer (1703-1755), Kapellmeister des Grafen Heinrich von Brühl am sächsisch-polnischen Hof und Thomaskantor in Leipzig. Mit einem Werkverzeichnis und einem Katalog der Notenbibliothek Harrers. ortus musikverlag, Beeskow.
ID Title Genre
HarWV 41 Miserere psalm
HarWV 50 Der Todt Abels des Gerechten oratorio


Der Todt Abels des Gerechten
La morte d’Abel
HarWV 50

genre oratorio
scoring S, A, T, 2 B (solo), S, A, T, B (coro), 2 fl, 2 ob, 2 ob d’amore (A), 2 ob grande (F), 2 fag, vl solo, 2 vl, vla, bc
scores b bc coro fag 1 fag 2 fl 1 fl 2 full score ob 1 ob 2 ob amore 1 ob amore 2 ob grande 1 ob grande 2 soli vl 1 vl 2 vla
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license CC BY-SA 4.0

HarWV 41

genre psalm
scoring S, A, T, B (solo), S, A, T, B (coro), 2 vl, vla, b, org
scores b coro full score org vl 1 vl 2 vla
source GitHub
license CC BY-SA 4.0