Rolle, Christian Friedrich

born 1681-04-14 (Halle an der Saale, Germany)
died 1751-08-25 (Magdeburg, Germany)
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Christian Friedrich Rolle was a German baroque organist and composer. Nothing is known about his childhood and youth. In 1709, Rolle was appointed Quedlinburg city cantor. In 1716, he took part in the revision of the important organ of St. Mary’s Church in Halle, newly built by Christoph Cuntzius. On November 19, 1721, Rolle was appointed as Benedictus Christiani’s successor to the general cantorate of the Church of St. Johannis in Magdeburg and was introduced into office on February 13, 1722. He gave music lessons at the Magdeburg Old Town High School, but was released from all other teaching duties due to his high reputation. Rolle had four sons, of which his third son, Johann Heinrich, was trained by himself and was also a composer of music history.


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WacR III:1 Bespiegelt euch in Jesu Leiden passion


Bespiegelt euch in Jesu Leiden
WacR III:1

genre passion
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