Hoffmann, Giovanni

born around 1770
died 1814 or 1840 (Vienna, Austria)
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Giovanni (Johann?) Hoffmann was active as a mandolin player in Vienna at the turn of the 18th century. He remains among the most important composers for the instrument, although little is known of his life. His music for the mandolin makes considerable technical demands on players, an indication of his own ability as a performer. His compositions, surviving in libraries in Vienna, are only part of a considerable repertoire for an instrument that enjoyed popularity in Vienna around the year 1800.

ID Title Genre
(A-Ed G 115) Litaniæ lauretanæ litany


Litaniæ lauretanæ
(A-Ed G 115)

genre litany
scoring S, A, T, B (coro), 2 ob, 2 clno (C), 2 trb, timp (C–G), 2 vl, b, org
scores b coro full score ob 1 ob 2 org ottoni trb 1 trb 2 vl 1 vl 2
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