Raab, Franz de Paula

born 1764-02-08 (Pouzdřany, Czech Republic)
died 1804-05-09 (Seitenstetten, Austria)
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The son of a farmer became a bass player in the Benedictine monastery of Seitenstetten around 1780 and received his further training there from P. Gregor Hauer. From 1788 until his death, Raab was the successor to the monastery organist Christian Widmann. In 1794 he received composition lessons from J. G. Albrechtsberger in Vienna. Raab’s sacral works closely follow his role model Michael Haydn.

ID Title Genre
(A-RB R 209 (Kasten IV, fasc. 84)) Angelis suis Deus offertorium


Angelis suis Deus
Offertorium pro festo sanctorum Angelorum
(A-RB R 209 (Kasten IV, fasc. 84))

genre offertorium
scoring S, A, T, B (coro), 2 ob, 2 cor (E♭), 2 vl, b, org
scores b cor 1, 2 coro full score ob 1 ob 2 org vl 1 vl 2
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