Danzi, Franz Ignaz

born 1763-05-15 (Schwetzingen, Germany)
died 1826-04-13 (Karlsruhe, Germany)
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Franz Danzi was taught first by his father and then by Georg Joseph Vogler. He became a member of the orchestra and opera coach at the new court and national theater in Mannheim. In 1781 he went to Munich, where he succeeded his father as solo cellist in 1784. Since 1798, Danzi worked as deputy kapellmeister in Munich. From 1807 to 1812 he was court music director at the Royal Court Theater in Stuttgart. He also worked as a composition teacher and inspector of the wind department at the orphanage’s art institute, founded in 1811. From 1812 until his death, Danzi worked as court music director at the Badische Hofkapelle Karlsruhe. Stylistically, he is based on classical music or the tradition of the Mannheim School and can be seen as one of the pioneers of romanticism.


  • Volkmar von Pechstaedt (1996). Thematisches Verzeichnis der Kompositionen von Franz Danzi (1763–1826). Hans Schneider, Tutzing.


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PecD 58 Missa in D major mass


Missa in D major
PecD 58

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