Quarterly update Q4/2023

New editions

Adlgasser, Anton Cajetan

  • Requiem CatAd 2.02
    This edition bases upon a handwritten full score that was preserved in the Bibliotheca Mozartiana. The latter score has been assembled from the parts in A-Sd and was presumably used for recording the work in 1980/81 (CD released by Koch Treasure, 3-1608-2).

Caldara, Antonio

Eybler, Joseph Leopold Edler von

  • We have started work on a collection of (eventually) all of Eybler’s short liturgical works. This Proprium Missæ project currently comprises HerEy 44, 50, 56, 61, 78, 85, 86/43, 93, 107, and 132.

Fuchs, Johann Nepomuk

Harrer, Gottlob

  • Der Todt Abels des Gerechten HarWV 50
    Harrer composed this passion for Good Friday 1753 at the St. Nicholas Church of Leipzig (although it is questionable whether the work was ever performed). The autograph full score contains mostly illegible lyrics. However, an autograph libretto is available from the Musikbibliothek der Leipziger Städtischen Bibliotheken and allowed to prepare this edition.

Haydn, Johann Michael

  • Vesperæ de Confessore MH 214
    A spurious attribution that has only been preserved in the archives of Reichersberg and Passau.
  • Missa in D minor MH 2/3
    The fragment of an early mass (final bars of the Kyrie; complete Gloria; and first movement of the Credo). Although it is cited as two distinct pieces in the catalogue of works, the movements likely belong to the same mass due to similar paper, hand writing, and compositional technique.
  • The Proprium Missæ project now also utilizes manuscripts in the archive of the Reichersberg Abbey (A-RB): MH 221, 261, 264, 331, 531, 557, and 640 have been added, and MH 123, 270, and 283 base upon their respective A-RB manuscript as principal source. Moreover, all works are now available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Raab, Franz de Paula

  • Anglis suis (A-RB R 209 (Kasten IV, fasc. 84))
    This offertorium has been wrongly attributed to Michael Haydn in the Reichersberg Abbey archive, but could be identified as a work by Raab.

Scheibl, Johann Adam

Werner, Gregor Joseph

  • We have started work on a collection of (eventually) all of Werner’s short liturgical works. This Proprium Missæ project currently comprises the following works from the Eisenstadt archive (A-Ed): B 42, 43, 50, 54, 61; C 4; E 32; F 5, 32, 32a; G 74, 93, 98; H 10, 12; I 3–5; J 11, 16; L 1, 5; and M 6, 7.


Starting in fall 2023, selected editions will be available in print from Kindle Direct Publishing (at cost price):



  • The Cantorey der Kirche der Barmherzigen Brüder Schärding has performed Adlgasser’s Requiem CatAd 2.02 on 2023-11-04.