Quarterly update Q1/2024

New editions

Eybler, Joseph Leopold Edler von

  • The Schottenstift Abbey Archive has generously granted us access to Eybler’s autograph manuscripts. Thus, future editions of Eybler’s works will be based upon these autographs. Accordingly, we have reviewed the Missa Sancti Michaelis HerEy 2, the Missa Sancti Wolfgangi HerEy 11, the offertorium Reges Tharsis HerEy 107, and the psalm De profundis HerEy 132.

  • The Proprium Missæ project now also includes HerEy 38, 47, 53, 54, and 114.

Haydn, Johann Michael

  • Applicatio MH 323
    One of two sacred compositions in honor of St. Rupert of Salzburg, which have been preserved in the British Library (GB-Lbm Add. 32.173).
  • The Proprium Missæ project now also includes MH 49 and 217.

Kobrich, Johann Anton

  • Wohlgeübter Organist
    A collection of preludes, fugues, and toccatas that was published in print in the 1760s. While the preludes and fugues are found in many libraries and archives, the only surviving specimen of the toccatas is preserved by the Zentral-­ und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern (Sondersammlung, KB B.36.a.fol.). Our edition is also available in print.

Reutter der Jüngere, Georg

Werner, Gregor Joseph

  • We have assembled a draft thematic catalogue of Werner’s works (abbreviated WerW). This draft currently comprises all sources that are documented either in RISM or in partial catalogues of his works.

  • The Proprium Missæ project now also includes WerW D.1.2–6, E.1, F.18/60, H.1.9, I.1.2/27, I.2.8/16, I.3.10/21, I.4.7/15/17/45/46, I.5.24, O.2, and Q.2