Quarterly update Q3/2022

New editions

Brixi, František Xaver

  • Missa in E minor NovB Ia:17
    Brixi was a popular Czech composer in the mid-18th century, who wrote a comprehensive body of sacral music. Although the tradition of his works is somewhat complex, the Missa in E minor is a certain attribution that is available from several libraries and archives. The mass comprises both homophonic tutti sections and virtuous arias. Notably, the second Kyrie is a highly chromatic fugue.

Caldara, Antonio

We conclude our Caldara@Dresden project with editions of other sacral music extant in Dresden:

Eybler, Joseph Leopold Edler von

Galuppi, Baldassare

Galuppi was among the first composers whom we published. In this quarter, we have released another three of his works extant in Dresden:

Haydn, Johann Michael

  • Cadenze e Versetti MH 176
    A collection of short cadences and versets for organ, set in the eight psalm tones. For each tone, an initial cadence is followed by four versets and a concluding cadence. Although most sections are only a few measures long, they bear witness to Haydn’s extraordinary talent for counterpoint.
  • Litaniæ lauretanæ MH 74
    We previously published the Litaniæ lauretanæ MH 88, which is an extended version of MH 74 featuring a mixed chorus (SATB), two trumpets, and timpani. Now, the older version of this litany is also available, whose scoring comprises a female chorus (SSSA) and a church trio.
  • The Proprium Missæ project now also includes MH 28–34, 93, 162, 180, 192, 345, 368, 381, 383, 391, 398, 410, 429f, 492, 497, 504, 525, 574–576, 627f, 651, 653, 656, 670, 688, 694–696, and 836.

Hofmann, Leopold

Homilius, Gottfried August

Poppe, František Ludvík

Jan Dismas Zelenka acquired several works by the Czech baroque composer Poppe (1671–1730) and revised them in the 1730s.

Reinhardt, Johann Georg

Tůma, František Ignác Antonín