Quarterly update Q1/2022

New editions

Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg

Caldara, Antonio

Nine of Caldara’s masses are extant in the SLUB Dresden. These masses are highly interesting, since they contain annotations and even whole movements by Jan Dismas Zelenka. We have previously published the Missa Providentiæ (of which a wonderful recording is available on YouTube). This year, we will kick-off the Caldara@Dresden project and edit the remaining masses.

We have also unearthed a hymn from the Dommusikarchiv Eisenstadt:

Eybler, Joseph Leopold Edler von

Haydn, Johann Michael

  • Litaniæ de Venerabili Sacramento MH 228
    A fascinating litany, featuring three violas in the Cœleste antidotum. The Pignus futuræ gloriæ is a complex allabreve fugue, of which Mozart seems to have been quite impressed (KV6 Anh. A 12 represents a copy in his hand). This edition bases upon the 1823 print by Breitkopf und Härtel.
  • The Proprium Missæ project now also includes MH 143, 276, 362, 460, 482–487, 634, and 650.

Hofmann, Leopold

Königsperger, Marianus

  • Missa op. 6/1
    from a collection of six masses that were obviously quite popular in Königsperger’s times, since they have been printed in 1744

Reutter der Jüngere, Georg

  • Requiem HofR 48/6
    A more popular requiem by Reutter (HofR 46/4) has been published by the Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich (vol. 88, 1952), but this piece also deserves a broader audience – it includes, amongst others, a notable Kyrie fugue.

Rolle, Johann Heinrich

  • Der Tod Abels WacR I:7
    Our edition includes the movements entitled Letzter Aufzug (numbers 2.11–2.15), which have been composed by Johann Michael Haydn (MH 271).

Tůma, František Ignác Antonín