Stölzel, Gottfried Heinrich

born 1690-01-23 (Grünstädtel, Germany)
died 1749-11-29 (Gotha, Germany)
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Stölzel received musical training from 1703 at the Lyceum in Schneeberg and then at the grammar school in Gera. In 1707, at the request of his parents, he enrolled at the University of Leipzig to study theology. Soon after his arrival in Leipzig, he entered the Collegium musicum. After stays in Venice, Prague and Bayreuth, he found his position in life in 1719 as court music director of the Dukes of Saxe-Gotha and Altenburg at Friedenstein Castle in Gotha. In this office, Stölzel served almost all musical genres of his time with extraordinary productivity and kept the court orchestra up to date through clever conversion and expansion of its personnel and instruments. Stölzel already enjoyed the highest recognition during his lifetime and was in correspondence with numerous musicians and music scholars Contact. Johann Sebastian Bach, among others, performed his church cantatas in Leipzig, and his passions and masses were also widely distributed. Stylistically, Italian influences are unmistakable, but overall Stölzel stood firmly on the ground of the Central German musical tradition and also handled contrapuntal composition techniques with confidence.


ID Title Genre
(D-B 21400) Der gute Hirte passion
(D-B 21401) Jesu, deine Passion passion


Der gute Hirte
JESUS, als der für das verlohrene Schäflein leidend- und ſterbende Gute Hirte
(D-B 21400)

genre passion
scoring 2 S, 2 A, T, B (solo), 2 S, 2 A, T, B (coro), 2 fl, 3 ob, fag, 2 vl, vla, vlc, b, org
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Jesu, deine Passion
(D-B 21401)

genre passion
scoring S, A, T, B (solo), S, A, T, B (coro), 2 ob, 2 ob da caccia, fag, 2 vl, vla, vlc, b, org
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